Children's Action Plan


Your Children's Action Plan Includes:

  • Temporary Guardian of the Person Nomination
  • Nomination of Guardian 
  • Emergency First Responder Letters
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Medical Information Guide
  • Instructions to the Caregiver of Minor Children
  • Family Emergency ID Cards
  • A signing ceremony in our Westmont office to formalize your Children's Action Plan

Nomination of Guardians

We are building and creating a safety net around your child by ensuring that your wishes about how they are cared for if you're not around are going to be honored.

You'll pick six people that you know, love, and trust to make sure that your kids are properly taken care of if you ever are not able to do so. The first three people will be "first responders," who live within 20 minutes of your and with whom your kids are comfortable. The next three people will be Guardians, who will have the legal authority to stand before a judge and say, "Yes, their mom/dad named me to be their legal guardian, and I have the paperwork to prove it."

Medical Power of Attorney

Kids are accident prone - we know! (And I know you know this, too.) That's why we include a Medical Power of Attorney for your guardians. It's one thing to say that a guardian can take care of your kids for a short time, but we also need to make sure that your kids can get all the care they need. This care includes doctor visits, dental check-ups, and hopefully zero hospital visits - but if you kids do need to go see a doctor, then the guardians need to have the right paperwork to get your kid the treatment they need. 

Medical Information Guide

Whether your child is allergic to peanuts or penicillin, you need to make sure that all of your kids' caregivers are aware of these allergies. This handy medical information guide helps gather all that information on a one-sheet piece of paper that your caregivers can reference at a moment's notice and ensure that your kid is getting the right food and the right care.

Instructions to the Caregiver of Minor Children

This 8.5" x 11" one-sheet provides your babysitter or child caregiver instructions about you, your children, their doctors, and the people to whom you have given authority to care for your kids if you can't be reached. 

Family Emergency ID Cards

These handy, wallet-sized ID cards fit snugly behind your driver's license or other photo identification, right near your medical insurance card. This card lets the emergency responder who is giving you care know that you have children at home who need to be taken care of, too.

The card reads:

I have minor children waiting for me at home or at school.
Please contact the following people in order named as they
have authority and instructions regarding my children: 

The card then lists your emergency responders who can get to your kids within 20 minutes to make sure that they are always with someone they know and that you trust. 

Awesome Parents Certificate

As if this weren't enough, you'll also receive an "I'm an Awesome Parent" certificate to celebrate your #adulting. You've got your bases covered and we think that deserves an award because you're an #awesomeparent.

You can put it on the fridge right next to your kid's award for his/her spelling bee. 

Create Your Children's Action Plan

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Why You Probably Don't Want to Do This

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Building Your Children's Action Plan

4 Lessons

In this section, we provide you with the worksheets, the "how-tos" and we guide you on how to make the best decisions for your family.

Create Your Children's Action Plan

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In this section, we'll pull together all the work from the "Building" module and actually put all the planning into action.